Monday, June 22, 2009

Felting workshop

Here are some of the products my students did on the June 13-14 feltmaking workshop.
On the first day we learned to make flat pieces of wool felt, creating small and large wall hangings. On the second day we went a step further and learned how to make handmolded items. We made hand molded hand bags and pillows. One pillow has barnacles all over it. I was sure my student had made it for my barnacle baby!!! Take a look at the great creations that were made. Some of the ladies in my class have been coming for a while. I think they are pretty good now so I think we should have retreats with the same great food. I made curried chicken, Carol brought sushi, Lori brought sand bags, (sorry about eating your mango free sushi!!!), Kathlyn brought a meat and cheese tray and Terry Anne brought fruit. Not sure which is enjoyed more, the work or the food. This has been a tradition for a few years now. We take long lunches. Some of the ladies broke tradition and took approx. 15 minutes for lunch. What's up with that!!!!!!!! It didn't matter tho as the 5pm finish time lasted until 10pm. I won't let you go until your

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